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Concrete + Masonry

With concrete its important to use the proper thickness for the load, the correct infrastructure to support the weight of the concrete, and to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing for the space it is going into. B&M Services is knowledgeable in both the infrastructure required to create concrete that will last you for years, as well as a creative eye and attention to detail to make sure the end result is aesthetically pleasing.

​​Concrete Services Include:


- Drainage & Culverts

- Patios & Outdoor Living Spaces

- Foundations

- Walkways & Sidewalks

- Stamped Concrete

Masonry work is typically one of the last steps to finish off the aesthetic of home's siding, fireplace, or outdoor living space.  Masonry can include brick, stone, or stucco. B&M Services' creative eye and attention to detail will help you select the right materials for your interior or exterior project so that you will love it for years to come.

​​Masonry Services Include:

(Brick, Stone, Stucco)

- Chimneys

- Fireplaces

- Brick or Stone Veneers

- Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces

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